Lemon & Thyme Sugar Scrub

Ingredients: Lemon & Thyme, pure cane sugar, almond oil, thyme, fresh thyme leaves and lemon zest, lemon essential oil


Lemon Salt Scrub comes in a BPA free container. Clear with a white lid.


8 oz/379.88g


Fall Precaution:  tub may become slick due to coconut and almond oil

Lemon & Thyme Sugar Scrub

  • Product Description

    Lemon & Thyme Sugar Scrub is a wonderful natural exfoliate, detoxifier, skin softener, and antiseptic agent. Almond oil is an amazing moisturizer and it smells ridiculously delicious! Thyme contains wonderful antioxidants and works as a natural astringent for your skin. Lemon is one of the little miracles of the natural skin care world, with redeeming qualities. Lemon is great for treating pigmentation problems, acne, softening your skin.